• After a busy day, you may like to sit alone or with a companion on the terrace with a lightly warming fire.
  • You would like to own an open fireplace but burning wood sparks are too dangerous and inflammable. You hate carrying wood logs for your fireplace onto the second-floor terrace.
  • You hate cleaning your fireplace from ashes, especially when it’s windy.
  • You are enjoying simplicity and comfort.

If you recognized yourself, then you are on the right webpage!

We are offering handmade concrete fire tables with a gas burner that works on propane.


Why gas burners?

It’s an easy way to get real flames that are beautiful and warm. Just press a button to ignite the flame and with the same simplicity you can extinguish it and there will be no residue that needs to be cleaned.

There will only be a small amount of gas combustion residues which will disappear outdoor indiscriminately. You can hide a gas burner under ceramic logs which help to spread the flame evenly and will create an impression of genuine burning trees.

Why concrete?

Concrete is an inspirational and endless material which beautifully combines art, architecture and crafts. There is something powerful about concrete as there are not many materials that can simultaneously carry emotionality, practicality, as well as expression, and aesthetics. It is an excellent building material that is durable and fireproof, it can be revised exactly as desired. It can be grinded, polished, coloured, as well as combined with other materials such as stone, glass, wood and metal. Concrete represents both durability and heat, as its structure is exposed by a majestic peculiarity.